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About us

Our primary aim is to help people taking nutrients present in honey on daily basis

Our team was united around the idea of helping people in providing nutrients from honey throughout their lives and we are pleased to present innovative sugar free honey food supplement/cosmetic products.

We produce honey food supplements and cosmetics using the unique technology. The method allows to remove unnecessary sugars from honey and maintain all vital components of it, resulting in sugar free honey food supplements/cosmetics.

Honey food supplements/cosmetics are produced using natural honey from the specific mountainous region in Georgia. Distinctive climate and rare plants result in a special honey product.

This region is known for Caucasian honey bee (Apis Mellifera Caucasia) which has the longest proboscis, so it can extract nectar from the deepest nectar tissues, where no other species can, giving out the most unique honey with rare and exceptional properties.

The combination of distinctive bees and unique plants result in high quality and natural honey. The same honey is used to produce our food supplements and cosmetics.

Our products

We provide four different products

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